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2/19/18 - posted by destructo

All guides have been updated to Handbrake 1.0.7. There are quite a few changes and it's best if you delete any presets created with the old guides and start from the beginning.

1/18/18 - posted by destructo

I will be updating the guides to work with Handbrake 1.0. My plan is to have these added to the site by February. Check back soon.

3/5/16 - posted by destructo

I made a few updates to the tuned (Animation & Film) guides today.

- The 1080p and 720p .h264 level has been changed from 4.1 to 4.0. This will allow for better playback compatibility for iPad's and Android tablets.

- I updated subtitle instructions for all 720p guides. Handbrake now resizes PGS subtitles when burning them into the movie.

I have been getting questions about the Roku 4 and what settings to use for encoding video. I don't have one and I have not really researched it yet myself. My assumption from looking at the tech spec's is that the Rokoding guides will work for encoding 1080p (and below) h.264 video for playback on the Roku 4. So, the video's you encoded for your Roku 3 and below should work fine. I have not experimented with h.265 nor do I have access to 2160p or 4320p video. Your 4k TV should upscale the video for you and from I have seen in the stores, they do a pretty good job.

About Rokoding

Rokoding is a site devoted to video encoding for the Roku Streaming Player, with compatibility for Android and Apple devices as well. This site is designed to help you spend less time learning how to encode video and more time enjoying your movies.


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